Recently, we took a poll of small business owners to find out about where they were finding their customers. The vast majority of businesses that responded told us that their best customers were repeat customers, and that their best marketing tool was word of mouth. Neither of these results could be a surprise. Word of mouth is an extremely important and effective marketing tool, and it’s been established that repeat customers spend more than new customers. The surprising fact was that when we asked these same business owners to tell us what marketing products they might be interested in, few of them said they thought they needed a customer loyalty program. This is just a case of not connecting dots correctly. If your top priorities are word of mouth and repeat customers, a loyalty program directly and positively affects both of those for your business.

So, why the hesitation? What’s stopping small business owners from giving their customer a rewards program? Here’s a quick look at some of the most common objections we have heard related to digital loyalty programs:

I’m really not good with computers, and the technology behind a digital rewards program just confuses me.
This is completely understandable, and a great reason why Huzzah Loyalty is a perfect fit. The merchant tablet (the iPad that customers use to check in) is really only going to be used by your customers, and I assure you that they are not only savvy enough to use it, they WANT to use it. Secondly our merchant dashboard is easier to use than Facebook. You can literally set up a reward in less than 30 seconds and get your rewards program off and running. Plus, if you ever do have any issues, we have a team of digital product coaches ready to answer any and all questions you might have.

I already have a stable of great and loyal customers, so I don’t need a rewards program.
This is of course great, and you are ahead of the game in a lot of ways, but fact of the matter is that your customers want to feel appreciated. They are showing you that they are willing to be loyal to you now, so why not give them even more reason? Can you imagine how loyal your already loyal customers will be once you start rewarding them? And, can you imagine how great it’s going to be once you gain even more of these loyal customers based on your rewards program? Another thing to consider: What happens if one of your competitors finds a way to show your customers how much he appreciates their business? You could possibly have created an opportunity for him to move in on your revenue if he beats you to the punch.

I don’t have enough foot traffic to make this product effective. Huzzah is a great fit for your business, too.
By joining Huzzah Loyalty Rewards you also join a local & national network of merchants and customers who utilize the Huzzah network to better their business or shopping. Inside the Huzzah mobile app, customers can view a map and see where all of the Huzzah merchants around them. When you join Huzzah, you could start to have customers visit your business simply because they saw you on the map. So even if you think you don’t have enough traffic for a loyalty program to make sense at this time, Huzzah can actually help correct that issue. I don’t see any other Huzzah merchants in my area. The main point about Huzzah Loyalty Rewards is to help you reward your customers. It doesn’t really matter if you are the only Huzzah merchant in town, or if you are surrounded by hundreds of Huzzah merchants. This is about your business, your customers, and turning more of those customers into repeat customers.

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