Recent data from app analytics provider Flurry shows that mobile users are spending even more time than ever inside of native apps, and continuing to move away from using browsers and the mobile web.

Flurry gathers data from 1.2 billion devices per month, taking in 3 terabytes of data per day. They are able to gather info from 3.5 billion app sessions daily, which amounts to over 10 times the volume of tweets on twitter.
According to Flurry’s newest data, mobile users are spending 2 hourse and 42 minutes every day using their mobile devices. Of that time, 2 hours and 19 minutes are spent inside a native app. That’s aroub 86% of the average users time on their device that they are in an app. The mobile browser is left with only 22 minutes per day. To quote Flurry’s own study, the mobile browser has become “a single applications swimming in a sea of apps.”

This info is extremely important for small business owners who are banking their mobile marketing dollars on users connecting to them via the web. Mobile users are letting their actions do the talking, and loud and clear they are saying, “We want to use your app.” You can’t count on users searching you out or stumbling across you on the web. It may be just as likely that they will search you out in the app store. So be sure that if and when they do, they are greeted with an app, and not the sad message of “No results found”, or worse yet, a competitor’s app.

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[Source] Apps Solidify Leadership Six Years into the Mobile Revolution