It’s no secret that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the biggest days of the year for many businesses around the country. Every business, be it large, small, or in between is spending tons of money and spending countless hours of preparation for this one big weekend of shopping and selling. As one of the small or medium businesses, though, it’s especially tough to stand out in the crowd. How can you be sure that your brand shows through all of the noise being made by the big boxes?

Take it Online
You’ve seen the news articles. You’ve caught the videos on Facebook and YouTube. Maybe you’ve even been out in it. The crowd on Black Friday is downright silly. The laws of civilization seem to be lifted as if it’s The Purge, and the only thing people have on their mind is “GET THE DEALS.” Nobody likes it. That’s why many have started to forgo that scene altogether. Last year, online sales for Thanksgiving and Black Friday grew by 20%. That’s correct. Twenty percent. Plus, it’s expected that this year’s number will grow even further. Many retailers are offering the same or better deals online as in store, so why fight it? Who wouldn’t rather shop in their PJs while having another (Yes, another) plate of leftovers?

Get Mobile
Remember that 20% sales growth we saw on Black Friday? The same growth happened on Cyber Monday. That might seem obvious. What’s not obvious? 30% of all web traffic on Cyber Monday comes from mobile devices. That’s nearly a third of all eyeballs looking and shopping on the busiest online shopping day of the year coming in through a mobile device. That’s a growth of 58% from 2013, and there’s no reason to think that number won’t get even bigger this year. And traffic isn’t the whole story: 17% of all online sales on Cyber Monday were mobile sales, again up 55% from 2013.

The moral of the story here? If you don’t have a mobile solution for your business and your business’s customers, you are likely missing out on a huge chunk of holiday cash. This is about more than Black Friday, too. Mobile advertising and marketing is huge, and it’s only going to get bigger in the coming months and years. Get in front of it now if you haven’t done so already. Mobile Apps and Mobile Advertising is probably a lot more attainable than you probably think.

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