According to new info and data from comScore, nearly 20% of US Millenials (adults aged 18-34) access the internet ONLY through their mobile devices. That’s it. So if your business is still missing a mobile presence, then your business is missing out on a huge chunk of the population. And you can surely expect that 20% to be 30-40% very soon. As school aged kids start to enter this key 18-34 demographic, mobile internet usage numbers are going to balloon, and fast. There’s an entire generation of people who have no idea what it feels like to be tethered to a wall with a wire for any kind of connection. They have always had a connection on the go, and they will utilize that mobile connection the same way people today use desktop computers. (Read: they will use it for everything)

Currently, the average Millenial will spend nearly 66 hours a month browsing the web on their mobile device, and in total 81% of them are carrying at least one smartphone. Looking at these numbers, it’s no wonder Apple continues to report massive growth for their App Store. Having a presence in the App Store is quickly becoming a non-negotiable for every business.

Besides the 20% that are mobile only, a total of 85% of Millenials access the web via a smartphone or tablet regularly. With this new data, Millenials are starting to show us how they need to be marketed to. They are telling the world how they prefer to shop and do business, and they are letting their actions do the talking. Be sure that your business is ready.

Source: Marketing to Millenials via comScore