Consumers are increasingly viewing multiple screens simultaneously. According to a Nielsen study, 86 percent of smartphone users said they use their device while watching TV. The study also revealed that consumers engage with content relevant to what they are watching by looking up information or looking for deals and information about products advertised.

During this year’s Super Bowl broadcast, advertisers engaged consumers on multiple screens by offering their Instagram or Social Media channels on their advertisements, and when the blackout occurred during the game, advertisers knew consumers would turn to their mobile devices to pass the time, so they used social media to keep consumers engaged with their brands.

Multi-screen marketing campaigns aren’t just for big, national brands. It’s imperative for local and small businesses to have a cross-platform marketing strategy.

Local and small businesses can engage consumers with cross-platform marketing campaigns to ensure their businesses can be found when multi-screen consumers search for information.

While many local and small businesses are still trying to take their businesses mobile, the thought of multi-screen marketing may seem daunting. But consumers are already there, so business owners need to find a way to elevate their digital marketing game.

Luckily, there are media partners like Cordillera Interactive that are helping local and small business leverage cross-platform marketing by adding mobile to their TV and online strategies.

In an announcement earlier this week about our partnership with Cordillera, David Buonfiglio, VP of Sales for Cordillera explained, “We recognized that we needed an app development strategy in place to enable our advertisers to reach their mobile customers. We selected App Express because it offers a proven, scalable and affordable mobile solution. We look forward to bringing this opportunity to our advertisers as a way to expand their mobile strategies and reach the growing base of mobile consumers.”