Greg Sterling, of Sterling Market Intelligence, dug deep into Google’s recently released research on the importance of local business info for mobile users. The research showed that the top actions by mobile users include looking for information on hours of operation/location and clicking to call the business. These findings underscore the need for small, local businesses to have a mobile strategy that allows consumers to easily find and contact them from a mobile device. That’s why each App Express app comes with a mobile webpage that displays exactly the kind of local business information mobile customers are looking for – location, hours of operation and a business phone number.

The research also noted that 61% of people said they would quickly move to another site if they don’t find what they were looking for right away on a mobile site. So, if your business is not easily accessible by a mobile device and doesn’t list key information that customers are looking for, you’ll be driving your customers to your competition. This is why App Express’ mission is to make it easy and affordable for small businesses to have their own mobile apps.