In a report published last month by Ericsson, it’s found that by the year 2019 there will be about 5.6 billion smartphone subscriptions. That’s billion with a ‘B’. In fact, in the last three months alone, they found that 55% of all phones sold were smartphones, and there’s no reason to believe that number won’t grow in the coming years. So what does this all mean for you? It means that no matter what market you are in, you have customers who will be looking for you in the mobile marketplace. Smartphone usage is no longer something reserved for markets that can afford it. Every market, every consumer base, every single group your business will target is going to be looking for a way to interact with you via their mobile device. In reality, the vast majority of them already are trying. Mobile shopping is at an all-time high and climbing, so if your company still doesn’t have a solution for this mobile customer it’s past time to ask yourself “How much longer can I afford to wait?


Smartphone Subscriptions Will Reach 5.6 Billion By 2019 –