Mobile and smartphone users were out in full force this Black Friday, and they set records all over the place. Overall, online sales were up 20% over last year’s Black Friday rush, a number that’s impressive until you realize that mobile sales on Black Friday were up 187% over last year. One hundred and eighty seven percent. Mobile sites saw their traffic spike 76% over last year, and mobile traffic accounted for nearly 40% of all online traffic on Black Friday. And when they shopped, mobile users weren’t just buying trinkets and stocking stuffers. The average mobile purchase this year was a whopping $93.20, showing that shoppers are not only willing to spend real money on mobile sites and apps, but more and more they prefer to.

Let’s take a step back and just look at how dominant Apple is in the mobile shopping arena: Apple iOS web traffic accounted for over 28% of all Black Friday web traffic, leaving just 11% for Android users. In addition, 18% of all Black Friday sales (not just mobile sales) were made through iOS devices, and the average purchase through an iOS device was $127.92.

That’s a lot of numbers. Let’s recap:
Online sales were up 20% over last year
Mobile sales were up 187% over last year
Mobile sites saw 76% higher traffic over last year
Average purchase on mobile was $93.20 (iOS users: $127.92)
Mobile traffic grew to over 39% of all online traffic (iOS traffic: 28.2% of all online traffic)
Mobile sales grew to 22% of all sales (iOS users: 18% of all sales)

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