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The Mobile App for Small Business

  Schedule appointments

  Send deals, offers & reminders

  Invoice & collect payments

  Apple, android & html5

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Innovative Mobile App Features

Connecting to your mobile customer is easy.




With automatic or by-request settings, our appointments feature is sure to get your calendar filled.

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Reward your customers with exclusive coupons and deals delivered straight to their smart phones.

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Messaging & SMS

Communicate with your customers via SMS/MMS text messages, audio, and annotated images.

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Create, manage, and send invoices to your customers, no matter where they’re located.

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PUSH Notifications

Send app users notifications about upcoming sales, promotions, new inventory, and more!

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Customize your app with original artwork, rich content, and up to 5 additional Info Pages.

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Who is talking about Huzzah Mobile Apps?

We care more about what our customers say about us, but we don’t mind these either.


inc Designed with small businesses in mind, Huzzah Media helps you build apps that your customers can use to schedule appointments, pay their invoices, get deals, and more.

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small_biz_tech Huzzah Media is one company that’s helping small businesses create apps that work.

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Available features include appointment scheduling, deals and coupons, in-app messaging, payment processing via PayPal, a dashboard and a mobile landing page for the web.

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