Creating an app for your small business is only the first step to building a mobile marketing presence.  In order to launch a successful app you must also market it in a way that reaches your customers and makes downloading easy.  At App Express, we have seen our top performing apps incorporate each of these elements when marketing their app.

App Discovery Site:  Most small businesses choose to build apps available in both iTunes and Google Play.  Some businesses also build a third option called a Universal Web App.  Because you can never be sure which type of device your customer will be using to access your app, it’s a good idea to build an “App Discovery Site.”  An App Discovery Site is a one page site hosted on the web that contains the direct links to your app the app stores.

QR Code:  With a QR code customers only need to take a quick snapshot of the code to access a web address.   You can add QR codes to your print material, billboards, trucks, register, on window stickers or, business cards.  Link the QR code to your App Discovery Site for convenient downloading.

Website:  Many customers are searching for your website on their mobile device, often with the goal of downloading your app.  Include direct links to your app so customers don’t have to search for you.

Social Media:  Your social media sites are a perfect way to promote your app.  Get the word out on all of your social media sites.  When customers “like” your post, comment, and share, you’ll generate even more downloads.

Special Offers:  The number one driving force in app downloads is an exclusive offer.  Whether it’s a contest or a special deal, customers are much more likely to download and app that will save them money.